Life’s Simple Joys No. 1

It’s OrSem time again in Ateneo and I badly miss being a Talk and Tours (TNT) volunteer. It is such a demanding job that will surely suck out one’s stored energy. Nonetheless, it’s really magical that despite all the tiring feeling a TNT accumulates at the end of the day, he’s still raving with power and vigor, a smiling aura shining in his sweaty face.

To be a TNT thus is to inspire. Who knows, your freshie muight be the next president of Org X. Or even the next Nobel Prize Awardee.

Since I cannot come back this year due to the fact that I’ve graduated the second time already, I just busied myself tonight reading notes from the two freshie blocks I’ve handled. (G1 2012 and M 2013/2014). My heart really melts with those short notes from my freshies telling me that they’ve appreciated my three (or two last year) days with them.

As this night progressed, I received a news any TNT would very much love to hear: Have at least one of your freshies become a TNT for OrSem. I learned I have THREE of them! 😀 And some of my freshies who are not TNTs are OrSem volunteers. I am happy beyond words. I am super glad that the inspiration I have passed on to my freshies is being trickled down to the newest breed of Ateneans. 🙂

Once a TNT, always a TNT. Banana! 🙂


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