Random Philosophical Meme No. 5

My status on Yahoo! Messenger has been “Man cannot live on bread alone… He needs ice cream as well…” since the start of the Lenten season this year. I actually came up with this status when I was going home to Malolos City one day and I saw this huge advertisement of The Yellow Pages by the Balintawak Exit of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX)carrying the first sentence of my status. When I arrived home, I was just in time for our family’s biweekly snackfest at Dairy Queen in NLEX’s Shell station near the Bocaue Exit.

My usual order: 16 oz. Blizzard with MnMs. Sometime during Summer, the said branch opted not to give MnMs anymore, so I just had my 16 oz. Blizzard served with KitKat. Yummy perfect goodness. Good thing my maternal grandmother loves to travel (I call her Lola Lakwatsera) and she has her Senior Citizen card with her all the time.

Truly, man cannot live alone without ice cream in his life. At certain points, he needs to stop from his daily struggle in life and simply appreciate his existence as a willing being. As a creature of work, it is through relaxation that he is fully able to realize his fullest capacity as well as his being-part-of-the-world. Here, he sees himself as among the other creatures of existence, yet uniquely distinct from all of them. It is then when he becomes fully aware of himself.

As for me, I will continue looking forward to our DQ NLEX trips this year! 😀


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