Of Super High Waves and Waters: Camotes Island

If you’re looking for a place where you can stretch out your knees and swim all day without the worries of your boss calling your cellphone or even Facebook or Yahoo Messenger, go burn some money in one of the beach resorts of Camotes Island in the Municipality of San Fransisco, Cebu.

Fellow Sun Postpaid subscribers, turn off your mobile phones in case you forgot to bring your charger. Don’t bother bringing your laptop as well, you can’t update your Facebook wall unless you have a second Globe phone which is WAP-enabled. That probably is the initial beauty of Camotes Island for me — away from the busy life of the Metro. All you simply have to do is to swim, ride a boat, and simply let the days pass in total peace. You become truly one with Mother Nature. 🙂 (So sorry, no high-speed downloads here.)

The shallow waters at the start may deceive you — swim too far and you’ll find yourself drowning. It’s as if there’s spring tide in this island everyday — the water levels are never predictable. Well that’s the second beauty to this island. You observe how the truly blue waters change in color intensity as they eat up fine white sands in the shore.

All I can say is that you have to go there to experience it completely. From the ports of Danao City, you just need to ride a two-hour ferry to reach this remote island. What awaits you is a splendid scenery — cap it with the “rock islands” found near the shores.

So for the moral lesson behind the travel story: You actually have to move to be still. Here at Camotes Island, you’ll understand what I mean. 🙂


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