Of Extreme Sky Experiences: SkyExperience Adventure Cebu

I’ve been going home to the Queen City of the South on a regular basis since I was born but it was just until recently when I discovered this interesting recreation atop Crown Regency Hotel and Towers in Cebu City (which by the way is the tallest hotel tower in the Philippines). For a reasonable price of PhP 600, you get to test your limits to the extreme by riding a 55-degrees-tilted edge coaster and walking at a very thin outer-rim. The catch is that you’re forty storeys above ground level. Not really advisable for those who love their acrophobia (AKA, the weak at heart).

The prize: you get to see the modernized beauty of Fuente Osmeña — the very heart of Lapu-Lapu’s pride.

So there. SkyExperience Adventure is the first in the world to offer an edge coaster which is a big winner, can I just say. You get to circle the topmost portion of Crown Regency at angles ranging from 0 to 55 degrees. I highly recommend the 55 degree set-up, as this will really give one a feel very close to flying. It’s better to have a partner with you and surprise her by suddenly adjusting the angle. If at this part you’re chickening out already, then don’t even think of yourself as Icarus or even dream of developing wings one day.

Adding some philosophical words, the Edge Coaster really suspended my frustrations and anxieties for a brief moment (the whole ride was around four minutes). I was suddenly back to some years ago when I was cheering for Ruben Studdard in American Idol Season 2.  His version of “Flying Without Wings” played back in my head after. 🙂

I recommend taking the Sky Walk after the Edge Coaster. The next piece of adventure is found just a floor below the edge coaster. With the protection of some gears, you get to circle some narrow path and pose to your heart’s delight. It’s good to be at this place with friends. Jumping and running are just not allowed, however. 😛

Yet again, sitting up there after some walk feels liberating. It’s as if you can conquer the world in a snap of a finger. Kidding. It’s as if you can do anything you want… Catch your dreams… And as Alex Band says, fade away.

And there you go, congratulations! Claim your snacks reward at the reception lobby after. And of course, your certificates for bragging rights.

Good thing SkyExperience is barely two years old. We await for more rides and liesure activities (well, aside from the 4D movies and other kiddo stuff). Heard they’re adding ziplines and other rides pretty soon! 😀


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