Random Philosophical Meme No. 4

This idea came to mind while I was talking philosophical stuff with Ian Ken this Friday.

Refer to the picture above. If this blog post was a psychological test of some sort the question floating underneath it would be:

How would you describe the glass shown? Is it half-full or half-empty?

My answer ten years ago was HALF-EMPTY. If my memory serves me right, I have taken this exact test (along with other questions) when I was in Grade School. The results showed that I am a highly pessimistic person. While pessimism isn’t really all that bad as it gives everyone caution, our guidance counselor suggested that I strike a balance and try to look at things positively. I tried somehow and hopefully my personal scale shifted a bit to the center.

The image of this glass has remained as “half-empty” for me during my teenage years. I have experienced things that some people my age may have not even experienced — death of loved ones and close friends, to be more specific. I must admit that I was not really looking at life positively anymore.

Just two days ago however, I now look at this glass as “half-full” thanks to the conversation I had with Ian Ken. The explanation is actually simple arithmetic, and I’m here to prove that the term “half-empty” does not exist at all. You see, in Mathematics, full = 100% = 1 while empty = null = 0% = 0. 1 when halved gives 0.5 while 0 when halved still yields zero. Thus the term “half-empty” is actually a grammatically incorrect word.

Upon this realization, it was as if something wonderful sparked inside of me. Something I’ve been longing to see ever since I was young.

Smile and cheer up. Life is full of surprises. How you look at things will dictate how the world materializes before you. 🙂


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