Of Instant Sauna and Motorcades: STC Batangas Trip

Yet another late travel blog. What’s new, beef stew?

Call us crazy for setting an outing two days before the national elections. Well we, the STC Board 0910 are really a crazy bunch of people. Half of the gang were in attendance — Me, Zel, Mei, Meki, and Nic. After arriving at Batangas, we met up with Mina who wasn’t really prepared to go (ergo, we kidnapped her haha). The sun was just about to peak in the skies and we were rejoicing that we left Metro Manila early when unexpected events showed up. A few more kilometers, two motorcades of aspirant politicians welcomed us with a long line of vehicles. How’s that for an instant four-hour sauna inside Zel’s car.

It was an hour past  twelve noon when we arrived at our target beach resort — Kabayan. The place was fully booked that day however, so we just went to the nearby Illamar Resort. Fresh from the instant sauna, we decided to submerge ourselves in seawater already.

Well, there’s nothing really left to say, as pictures speak louder than words. Freshly released from the torturous world of academics, we had the time of our lives in Batangas. We had too much fun that we totally abandoned our original plan of leaving early! The next thing we knew, the sun was about to set already. We bumped into another motorcade on the way home but thank God it was just a short one. Oh yes, Mina was not able to go to where she was supposed to go that night. Hahaha. So we just crashed into her place. Her mom’s pancit was the awesomest!

That was pretty much our day. Super fun. Well, moral of the story: never go out on an outing before you vote! Hahaha kidding. Yamete!!! Un. Uuuuuun. Hahaha my crazy friends would know what these mean right, Maths, Information, Computer, Electronics, and Buknay? This is half-chemistry-half-materials speaking.

There will definitely be more of this. La Union shall be our next victim. Till then, my craziest friends! 🙂 (The others absent ought to be there next time. And Buknay, welcome to our circle. :p)


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