Deleted My Friendster Account

I’m the type of person who likes to go with the trend.

It was around December 2002 when I made my Friendster account. I remember doing such after an overnight Christmas party at our school. The internet was slowly leaving the world of the academe and was about to explore social networking at those times. You may call it peer pressure from my point. I did not really organize my details then, as I was busy playing Counter-Strike with my best of friends.

That time, the layout of Friendster was very simplistic, which made me like it instantly. The features were easy to understand and in no time, I got a hundred plus contacts. I found it hard to update my then also-newly-created MySpace account, as it was more complicated and demanded more profile information and all that. (To add,  MySpace wasn’t really able to spark some hype here in the Philippines versus Friendster. The converse is true for the United States and other countries not in Asia.)

The contest for expanding my social network reached me, and in no time I was adding random strangers on the net, adding those they would suggest in the Bulletin as well. I reached the 700-mark, I think. That’s when Friendster started introducing customizable profile pages and everything became complicatedly confusing and confusingly complicated.

Friendster became my online diary for around six to seven years actually. Uploading of pictures may be limited, so I chose those which really touched or changed my life. Whenever I was frustrated with life, I would simply flood the Bulletin with my rants. I praise friends and their deeds by writing testimonials to them. Blogging was just starting to become an online hobby then and I was glad to be part of the guinea pigs (well, aside from Blogger and Livejournal, that is). The “Jejemon” hate hype was not in the air back then, but nobody cared. Conyo, Jejemon, or even regular people like me enjoyed sharing each other’s lives on Friendster. And that was when Facebook started to become popular.

By 2007 or so, everyone seemed to move to Multiply (and to a few, Facebook) so I joined the bandwagon. Facebook became the talk of the town among people from all ages the following year but I still sticked with Multiply. I was not able to resist by the dawn of 2009 and I then made my Facebook and Plurk accounts (followed by my Twitter, Tumblr, and WordPress accounts on December). That was when I forgot my Friendster account ever existed.

On some time when I opened my account, I saw that my contacts were around 500 only, which means that a good number of people I know (and I don’t know) cancelled their accounts already. I was into following suit as well, but somehow I found myself unable to. The Jejemon prosecution started to become active that time as well (though the term did not exist yet). I just resolved to being faithful to Facebook, never attempting to open my Friendster account.

After I graduated for the second time this college, I realized from my 2009 silent retreat that my life has been caught up in a lot of clutters. Some of them may actually be very dear to me, but in my reflection, they are the things I have to let go as well for me to grow. It took me a year and three months to do such with my Friendster account.

And yes, today, Ascension Thursday, I finally cancelled my Friendster account. I went with the trend again.

The memories and whatevers I had then are now part of my history. It actually feels liberating to know that you have outgrown one aspect of your life you can’t seem to let go. As for me, I chose to forget the childish aspects of my life (as evident in my then wacko Friendster profile information) and move on. While yes in one way I still have more than one social accounts now, what’s important is opening myself up to new chapters of my journey.

So, have you deleted your Friendster account already? I have.


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