Random Philosophical Meme No. 3

Two teaching demos today and in a sense, I finally got some experience on what it really means to be a true-blue teacher. You get irritated when students rampantly show signs of boredom or when they ask questions not at all related to the lessons. Those two scenarios, I have done during my student days already. Bad hair day for my teachers.

But for this post’s meme, here’s one thing I just came across to earlier. When I was asked in my college demo to relate alkanes (those simple hydrocarbons) to something else in society, my mind leaked out existentialist juices immediately. (My  demo topic was some intro to organic chemistry — Alkane Nomenclature.)

Like alkanes which are named uniquely, each one of us is unique. Like organic compounds whose  formula determine their reactivity and special properties, our uniqueness brings out the best talents we each possess.

My faculty friend Ian Ken even adds a metaphysical-phenomenological idea:

The naming of organic compounds also reflect the structures of our society. Having surnames, heirarchies, etc.

Haha too geeky day. But Organic Chemistry is my favorite! (Well, not pentavalent carbons, probably. Haha.)


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