Of Elemental Sulfur and Traffic Jams: COA CB Taal Trip

Here’s another late travel blog. Oh well.

So last 24th of April 2010, we decided as COA CB to remember the old times and hang out in Taal. Work after all will demand our full attention, so it’s best to hang out while our schedules permit us to do so. Unfortunately, not everyone was available that date and in the end, only Aika, Claudia, Miggy and me were able to go. (Guys, next time let’s!)

The day started with Aika and I getting lost in EDSA on our way to SLEX. Blame lack of sleep and lack of street signs. Nonetheless, we were able to go to Alabang Town Center unscathed. From ATC, we proceeded to Taal Yacht Club with Claudia and Miggy. Here, we rode a motor boat (named Pawikan) to go to the island which houses the smallest volcano in the world.

Quick fact — Located between the towns of San Nicolas and Talisay in Batangas, Taal is identified as one of the sixteen decade volcanoes. These were identified by the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI) as being worthy of particular study in light of their history of large, destructive eruptions and proximity to populated areas (Wikipedia, 2010). Moreover, the island which is believed by many to house Taal actually doesn’t. That’s Binintiang Malaki.

The boat ride was kinda quick and in no time, we found ourselves traversing Mt. Taal. The girls chose to go on horses while Miggy and I decided to go on foot. Bad news: we walked lunch time and the sun was up high and mighty in the skies. (More bad news for me, I was not able to bring my own water.) Still, we never gave up.

Around after two or so hours of trekking, we eventually reached the peak of Mt. Taal. Taal is one of the most active and most dangerous volcanoes worldwide (thus it is a decade volcano). Deposits from its eruptions consist of a yellowish, fairly decomposed (non-juvenile) tephra with a high sulfur content (Wikipedia, 2010).

Next time we go back, we would probably take a dip in that elemental sulfur-infested lava lake. And yes, I love adventures which sort of involve life-and-death dramas. 😀

We did not bring any packed lunch really, and only drinks (at sky-high prices!) were the ones only available at the peak, so we just decided to eat some biscuits and chips and take pictures of ourselves. :p

We then went down and proceeded to Leslie’s Restaurant to eat to our heart’s desire. The spot we chose still has Taal clear in the background. Aaah, good times. 🙂

Before we knew it, our daytrip was already over and we have to go back to Metro Manila. We were almost at SLEX at 6:20 PM. UNFORTUNATELY, some stupid events organizer planned a sunset (WTH?) and a Bamboo concert after. Two major exits were closed to favor these events. The result was one hell of a major traffic jam. We were stuck for around 3.5 hours. Oh well, we just decided to use the situation to play two games — Orange and Name that Nineties Song.

We were able to go back at Filinvest Exit at around 11:00 PM, which is no good for driving. Aika and I then had an unplanned gatecrashing at Miggy’s place in BF Homes.

Early morning Aika and I went home to find ourselves lost again. Hahaha. So moral of the story: The real adventure in road trips involve getting lost. I’ll miss you guys! Till next time. 🙂


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