This Tenth of May I Will Vote

There was once this commercial ad on Studio 23 which really caught my attention (well, when I was 12 years old). What I have here is not really in verbatim, but the message at least is something which goes:

Sa pagpapaayos mo ng buhok, umaabot ka ng anim na oras.

Sa party, lumalampas ka pa sa anim na oras.

Sa pagpili mo ng mga kandidato mo, wala ka pang anim na minuto?

Eh iyang mga ihahalal mo anim na taon kang paglilingkuran.

Amidst all the doubt, confusion, and uncertainty, I sincerely pray that all of the Philippines’ voting population have discerned on the leaders they would like to entrust their beloved country to. I also hope that after their discernment, they put their dreams into action by going out of their homes on the tenth of May 2010, going to specific schools, and casting their vote.

It’s sad to hear that three days away from the Big Day, threats on possible election postponement are circulating in airwaves and television screens. People have seem to forgotten trust already. Technology is now seen as an adversary than a companion in making man’s life easier. As a scientist, I am deeply saddened with such childish thoughts. We should embrace technology as much as it wants to embrace us. We should give it a chance. We should move on to using 1-terabyte external hard disks, instead of sticking with the obsolete floppy disks.

Six years from now I will be 27. I may have a family of my own, a doctorate degree, and a stable financial situation by that time. I may have earned my first ten million actually. How I get there depends on me though. But since I am in a country which prioritizes the spirit of Bayanihan, the path to my destination is a shared vision. In another way, I also contribute to the realization of my fellow youth’s dreams. Six years from now, I want to see the Philippines as a progressive country — advanced in the sciences, economically competent, and culturally dynamic. I will vote for the candidates who share these dreams of mine, as well as my ideals and aspirations.

To my fellow youth and to those held back with fear, please don’t be selfish. Let’s start building our nation.

I will vote because it is my right and obligation.

I will vote because I love my country. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!


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