Pokémon and Easter

Sorry, but I’m really addicted to this game ever since. So if you want to judge me first, I’ll have you not read this short blog  entry.

For this year’s Holy Week, instead of trying to stop from my usual “worldly rituals and practices,” I’d rather have some philosophical exercises during my spare time. (Which includes the whole of Good Friday, sorry but I don’t sponsor the idea of sun-bathing while the Lord drowns in His Own blood on His way to Golgotha.) In a weird way, Pokémon inspired me to start with some phenomenological thoughts.

A line in Pokémon Platinum (?) (from the Daycare Center) goes: No one knows which came first — Pokémon or egg. No one has witnessed a Pokémon lay eggs. Truly, a Miltank and other mammal Pokémon cannot hope to lay eggs, as they are not platypuses. But then again, how come there is a Miltank egg?

I guess with this line we can appreciate the full circle of our life. Our stay here on Earth is just temporary. Soon, we have to leave and go back to where we came from. Therefore like Pokémon, we have to level up with our experiences and make the  best of everything we do. That I believe, is the true message of Easter. 🙂


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