Super Senior Bucket List

It’s kinda late, but nonetheless, here’s a list of what I want to do before I officially end my undergraduate life here in the Ateneo. Some of them, I decided not to do for the meantime, explanations are provided.

  1. Be the best STC Head that I can be. Hahahaha, hopefully! 😛
  2. Do more thesis, even though defense is over. Well, I have to do this as well for the 25th Philippine Chemistry Congress, which I am attending to (thanks to my mentor!). And I have to admit, my thesis this year was something I really liked.
  3. Speaking of thesis, I want to hug my thesis mentor, Doc Epe. And a picture of it. Just because he’s inspired me so much this year.
  4. Sleep over at Schmitt Hall. My target was supposed to be NCIC, but I’m not doing it anymore for the reasons of comfortable sleeping. Probably when I am accepted as part-time faculty in the Department of Chemistry, and during the UAAP Senior Basketball season, for obvious purposes. (Hurray, I can officially line up three times next year!)
  5. Tour the Schmitt Hall Stockroom. And yay did this with my blockmates!
  6. Hug Doc Achoot. Yay, was able to do this last COA graduation. She was my first Chem prof here in the Ateneo. 😀
  7. Take a picture with Fr. Ben and hug him. Was only able to do the first. Well, naakbayan ko siya, so sana pwede na ‘yon. Hahahaha!
  8. Write my name on one of the brand new tables in C-109 and/or C-114. But this may be a hard thing to do, plus may not really do good stuff to me. Hahaha!
  9. Start eating vegetables without crying. Yes I was able to do this! And yes, I am chewing them!
  10. Eat inside the Caf’s Faculty and Staff Lounge. Did this many times, with some faculty company or by my lonesome. Hahaha!
  11. Admit to someone that I have a crush on her. Hmmmm, probably might not able to do this already, given this time. Hahaha!
  12. Go to Xavier Hall wearing shorts and flops. Just did this this afternoon hahaha! Thank goodness my mentor’s office is situated there. 😛
  13. Drive someone’s car around the campus. Apparently walang may tiwala sa akin hahahaha! Promise I have a non-professional driver’s license.
  14. Do gym work at Moro Lorenzo. Well I really want to do this! Let’s see what I can do in the next days.
  15. Walk at Paseo de Reily during the evening. I don’t believe in ghosts until I see one honestly. 🙂 So I will attempt to make this hopefully after I get my thesis bound (and printed)!
  16. Jog at least two rounds around the school premises, passing my the Loyola School of Theology. I want the temperatures to dip to at least 30 degs C first. Then I’ll do this at night. With or without a companion. 😀
  17. Tour around UP-Diliman. For thesis binding haha! And like last year, lay for hours on the grass of the Sunken Garden.
  18. Leave some note/scribble in a library book. I was able to do this last year already, but I want to do this again haha!
  19. Learn more photography. Even after school!
  20. Treat a random friend to some snacks. 🙂
  21. Have my life mentor, Ian Ken, treat me to lunch. Haha yay, was able to do this thanks to the ASCEND Awards.
  22. Do some road trip with my thesis mentor (before PCC). It was not strictly a road trip, but I was able to join him do some malling. 😀
  23. Take photos of my favorite professors. Not yet fully done!
  24. Go to my Immersion area again. Sadly, I was not able to do this. 😦 Hopefully next year. 🙂
  25. Barge into a High School friend’s place here in NCR and sleep over. Not yet done for the month of March!
  26. Attend an 8-day Ignatian silent retreat. Will not able to do this, because I was not able to fix this during my busy days. 😦
  27. Inuman with High School friends. Medyo matagal-tagal na rin eh. 🙂
  28. Do some simple Apostolate work. As suggested by Ian Ken.
  29. Clear blurred areas of my life.
  30. Become a better servant leader and inspire more people.

Roughly two weeks to go! I am sorta excited to graduate again! 😀 But I will truly miss the memories I have here in Ateneo. 😀


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