Tomorrow It All Culminates

Here goes that time of the year again.

Last year everything seemed to be fake. I did an undergraduate thesis, defended it, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree. However, unlike my batchmates, instead of going to job fairs or offices, I went back to school on Summer. Then I returned again on June, then November.

Everything seemed not real. It was as if I was just trapped in an enormous nightmare.

This time around, I’m about to partially wake up. Time to open my eyes and look down the hill. Time to traverse that downward path and embrace the joys (and horrors) of the unimagined universe.

Tomorrow, I will be presenting to the scientific world the results of my second major research. Tomorrow, I shall be one step closer in getting that Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering degree. Tomorrow, one big part of my life will be over at last (well, at an undergraduate level).

Tomorrow is my [second] thesis defense.

I can do this. Quitting is not in my vocabulary.


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