Quick Leadership Reflections No. 1

Two or more people running for your post can only mean two things. Either 1) you were a truly inspiring leader during your term such that your ideals and principles have made people decide to step up and take on the challenge you once took; or 2) you made too many mistakes during your administration that people want you out and replaced already.

In an extreme case, when no one wants to run in your position, everyone may assume that you were just a really bad egg that no one really wanted to do the dirty work you will be leaving behind. However, I still leave some space for the argument that maybe, some factors or variables are hindering aspirant leaders from assuming your place. (In a sense, this is not really a universal law.)

The clock ticks away. Nonetheless, you still have ample time remaining to make a difference in the lives of future leaders.

It’s all about getting followers. Imagine. Inspire. Influence.


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