That Love Story Which Breaks Every Girl’s Heart

For the Sunday before Shrove Tide, my body clock woke me up in time for the 9:30 AM Mass by Fr. Catalino Arevalo, SJ. I have to admit that he is one of my favorite Jesuits, and I really struggle to keep myself awake during his homily.

Today, his homily was something one can think only appears in Maalaala Mo Kaya.

He was asked by a then young couple to help them prepare with their wedding celebrations. To come up with a plan, he asked to talk to the girl alone for an hour, then the boy after. When it was the boy’s turn, he confessed to Fr. Arevalo that even though his relationship with the girl has been growing on strong and steady, he could not seem to propose to her. He said that it was as if he cannot commit a lifetime to his girlfriend. It was as if he was seeking something higher, and somewhere in his soul, some voice was calling him.

After an hour, the girl was found crying a bucket of tears. The wedding did not push through.

The boy then entered the seminary to become a Franciscan. For a long stretch of time, he did not hear from his ex-girlfriend.

Many years passed. One day, Fr. Arevalo was giving a seminar when he saw a woman whom he thought he met some time ago. He recognized her as the girl who once cried after her boyfriend left him for his priestly vocation. As much as he became a good priest, she found her calling as well. Both are now happy serving the Catholic-Christian Church.

Probably until now, they are still in love each other. It is just wonderful to note that their love keeps them alive in a mission they both discovered in the hardest of ways.


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