Filipinos Will Always Be Filipinos

Another repost from my old Multiply account (28 May 2008 entry). Enjoy! 😀

For me, the month of May means going back home to Cebu. Amidst the looming terrors of the inevitable Summmer Classes, the thoughts of my Daddy’s hometown are the sources of my inspiration to continue with the struggle of schooling. Though I have never learned to speak one hundred percent fluent Bisaya, I love going to that place every year. I love the relaxing beaches, the smiling people, the gleaming clean roads, and the chilling zephyrs of Cebu. Cebu is the very one who witnessed my full toddler stage (or in Eriksonian psychology, my Autonomy versus Shame and Doubt and my Initiative versus Guilt stages). It’s the place of sweetest memories, and no matter how busy my schedules are, I always make it to a point to return to that place, be it that I am alone or with my family.

Right after the pressure of Final Exams, I went to Cebu. Am I so glad that despite my shortest stay to date, I was able to relax fully. Plantation Bay and Tambuli Beach Resort took out all the stress from my tired soul. The approaching town fiesta of Lilo-an provided me with sumptuous food on our dining table. The comforting ambiance of Ayala Center breathed new air into me.

It is sad to stay in this place only for around four days, due to some pre-scheduled school activities. I left my parents and my sister in Cebu and I boarded the return plane all by my lonesome (not it is my first time though). And aboard this return flight, I have witnessed aspects of us Filipinos which make us who we uniquely are.

Let me share my observations to you.

1. Filipinos love vacations
You have the great chief herself declaring and moving holidays just as to pave way for three-day weekends. You have students wishing for heavy storms to hit the country so as to sleep all day. And you have my family, still enjoying the beaches of Cebu while I am here laboriously stressed out from mapping out my first semester schedule. As the road called life continues to fork out into many routes, obstacles and challenges show up along the way. To drive efficiently, one must take short stops to rest. Nothing but a car refueled will get one to his destination.

2. Filipinos are always late
PAL is not an acronym for Philippine Air Lines. It means Plane Always Late. And until yesterday, they’ve lived up to their reputation. And bravo to Cebu Pacific for being PAL as well. Turnback plane always late, huh? Then at least have some free food and games on board, and don’t have your apologies announced late. Before boarding though, I have my ears getting used to names of certain people who have not entered their respective planes yet. They must be enjoying the comfort of the toilets. Whatever.

3. Filipinos enjoy breaking rules
And they do not fear for their lives doing such. Take this very seatmate of mine; he did not even bother turning of his cellphone for the duration of the flight! Same as for another man around two seats at my five o’clock position. He must be that desperate of ending his life so soon. Or maybe his fingers are just suffering from finger arthritis.

4. Filipino women are hot 😀
If she is the stewardess of every Cebu-Manila and Manila-Cebu flight I will always buy a plane ticket. Haha just kidding. But, here she is, tall, white, sexy, and prettiliciously hot. Oh, if you could just put that life vest on me and save our souls. 😀

5. Filipinos daydream
They love of making up their own fantasy worlds, wishing that they really exist and that they are there. Their fantasy world keeps them alive (and well, asleep). Ironically, instead of keeping them out of their rockers, these dream worlds keep them sane. They are constant reminders that life is not always sweet. And to put their dreams into reality, they have to wake up first.

6. Filipinos are experts in making rants
Same as this Fil-Am one-year-old who won’t stop crying yesterday. Her parents are red-faced with shame only to find out that their daughter wants them to turn off the air conditioner above them. She did not tire until she got what she want. Same as those narrow-minded people who won’t stop rallying in streets until they get what they ask for.

7. Filipinos excel in speaking English
Eat is berry obviuose width duh weigh day speak. Know uzzer explanaccion four eat. Gnaw wander they ark cold duh Little Brown Americans.

Well so much for my observations. Now that all my ammos are full, it’s time to take on those 20 units of academic burden again. Till this December or October, dear Cebu.


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